Kuchnia z naturalnego drewna
Wykonanie mebli kuchennych z naturalnego drewna.
Stół z litego drewna
Wykonanie stołu z litego drewna.
Stoły z litego drewna
Stoły z litego drewna piękne i stylowe.
Komoda drewniana
Wykonanie komody z drewna.
Stóły wykonane tylko z litego drewna
Lite drewno jako budolec w produkcji stołów.

"Riko2" is a furniture company, engaged in the production of solid wood furniture. Its been working since 1996 and very quickly gained recognition and notoriety among many customers. The company's development, broadening horizons and putting on a professional performance of services meant that operate in both the Polish and foreign markets.

Undoubtedly, the success consists by many factors, attention to detail, passion for what we do and individual approach to the client with a focus on their needs and preferences. Furniture is made so by individual projects ensuring the satisfaction of each customer.

We design and consulting based on years of experience. We also provide the highest quality of our services and professional services.




32-700 Bochnia,
ul. Profesora Bujaka 47
Pn-Pt: 8:00 - 16:00
Sob: 8:00 - 14:00

furniture manufacturer

  Contact details 
  Ryszard Łącki
  tel. 692 179 438
  Łukasz Łącki
  tel. 695 812 044




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